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Masterpiece Engineering


Engineering / Electronics / TechnicalManufacturer - Electrical / MechanicalTest & Evaluation

About Us

Masterpiece Engineering was established in 1995 by Danny Bryson. One of the first Hp 3070 pioneers. A
few years later in 2002 was joined by Gabriel Delgadillo and the two of them worked together for nearly two decades here in the US before he went back to Mexico and started Desa with his brother Mario Delgadillo. Now we are excited to say that they are merging the companies together as Masterpiece Engineering Mississippi and Masterpiece Engineering Mexico. They have been channel partners with what.
is now (HP) Keysight from the beginning of this endeavor.

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  • Keysight 3070 ICT
  • End Of Line Testers
  • Full Turn-Key solutions Provider
  • Functional Test with Software Develoment in LabView, C#, and other languages.
  • Aerospace and Defense ITAR


DACIH A Dividion of Masterpiece Engineering