Just Love Coffee Cafe



About Us

Just Love Coffee Cafe is a unique, community-focused coffee shop AND restaurant in Huntsville, AL. Hand-brewed specialty coffee and fresh made food, make us a favorite destination for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. Our mission to 'Be a catalyst for love' starts with our commitment to giving back and supporting our local community to help make the world a more positive place. So whether you're looking for a tasty latte, loose-leaf tea, or want to fill up on a flavorful Womelette, we're ready to share some Love with you, your family, and friends. Come ready to eat, drink, and love.


Just Love Coffee Cafe, Times Plaza, 2317 Memorial Pkwy SW
Great space for business meetings, family get togethers, and friends hanging out
Can accommodate orders big or small
Perfect for weddings inside or out
Nothing says you appreciate your customers or employees more than a Just Love beverage bar
Able to scale presentation and selection to any event
Come to our cafe, or let us bring our cafe to you