VOUS Salon Retreat, a concierge-led luxury hair salon & spa retreat, opens in Huntsville

VOUS Salon Retreat, a concierge-led luxury hair salon & spa retreat opens in Huntsville, helping Huntsville compete with larger market experiences while keeping to our city’s small feel & welcoming personality.

Huntsville, AL – VOUS Salon Retreat opens on July 26, 2022, in Huntsville, AL. The 2,500 square-foot build-out took 6-months, along with the business, brand, and growth strategies. VOUS could be Huntsville’s destination luxury hair salon and spa retreat.  They offer high-quality products and services tailored to their client’s need with a full-time concierge on hand, much like you’d find in New York, Beverly Hills, or Paris. Truly keeping Huntsville, AL on the map while helping to make it more competitive with larger markets.
VOUS Salon Retreat’s mission is “To accentuate all people’s inner value and outer beauty, in the most luxurious environment, with a team that goes above and beyond to curate an experience that you never want to leave…. Yet when you do, you leave looking phenomenal and feeling relieved, rejuvenated, relaxed, and empowered until your next visit.”
Founder and owner, Jessica Barnes, had a dream of creating a special space in the salon and spa industries that not only accentuated people’s outer beauty, but their inner value too. This vision to solve these, plus many stressors that become physical stressors, like hair loss & depression, were highlighted during the pandemic. Jessica strategically aligned herself with top brands & industry mentors, then in January 2022 she reached out to Sonya Bailor, President & CEO of Bailor Group LLC, a boutique management consulting firm focusing on growth strategy, to help build the business, brand, and growth strategy from the beginning through launch. She also brought on Alexandra Gonzalez Adams to run the operations and be lead concierge for VOUS Salon Retreat’s clients and staff. 
“In addition to providing the high-end hair services I have become known for; I have very thoughtfully chosen specific wellness services to offer at VOUS Salon Retreat. Our Halotherapy Salt Room is phenomenal for lung health and recovery. Our medical-grade infrared sauna helps to detoxify and boost immunity.  And our massage services not only provide recovery and relaxation, but also fill our human need for touch.” Said Jessica Barnes, “Our goal with VOUS is to take these markets and make them even more helpful and healing for the necessary steps of self-care and do so in an exceptionally luxurious environment with the best pampering amenities available.”
In case you were curious, ‘VOUS’ is pronounced ‘VOO’ and is French for ‘YOU’ as VOUS Salon Retreat’s purpose is to make sure everyone knows that their presence matters.

For more information about VOUS Salon Retreat, please email Alexandra Gonzalez Adams, VOUS Concierge at vous@voussalonretreat.com or in person at 3315 Bob Wallace Ave SW, #207
Huntsville, AL 35805.

Jessica Barnes, Founder & Owner of VOUS Salon Retreat - inside their new building during it's build-out phase.