Sonya Bailor Appointed to AMP Studio Teaching Team for Women In Technology Huntsville

Huntsville, AL – Sonya Bailor, CEO of Bailor Group and a prominent figure in strategic growth and business innovation, has been appointed to the AMP Studio Teaching Team for Women in Technology Huntsville (WIT // HSV). Her selection by Rigved Joshi, Director of the Invention to Innovation Center (I²C), showcases her expertise & leadership and her deep commitment to impact and empowerment in the tech sector.

"It's a profound honor to be part of the AMP Studio Teaching Team and to spearhead the 2024 workshop series for WIT // HSV. Being selected to lead as the kickoff workshop speaker, not only allows me to contribute meaningfully to an area I'm deeply passionate about—empowering women, but also aligns perfectly with my mission to impact and elevate individuals and businesses to the next level," said Sonya Bailor. "It is a privilege to be part of this teaching team, and to be the one chosen to kick off the 2024 program. Under the wonderful leadership of Rigved Joshi at I²C, we're setting a dynamic course for the year, aimed at harnessing potential and driving impactful change within the tech community."

Sonya will lead the "Turn Fear into Power: Fueling Your Journey to Success" workshop, initiating a year-long series of programs aimed at empowering women in the tech industry. This workshop reflects Sonya’s extensive experience in overcoming personal and professional challenges, as well as her proven track record in transformative business leadership.

About the Workshop Series:
Sonya Bailor's workshop to launch the 2024 series focuses on practical strategies to transform fear into a driving force for professional success. Drawing from psychological and neurological insights, the program is designed to equip all individuals, while highlighting challenges facing women in tech, with the tools to overcome common industry-related fears, such as imposter syndrome and fear of failure.

Sonya's role involves not just leading workshops but also creating the curriculum specific to her workshops to ensure it meets the evolving needs of women in technology. Her leadership is pivotal as WIT // HSV aims to inspire and nurture future leaders in the STEM fields.

About Sonya Bailor:
Sonya Bailor’s career is distinguished by her commitment to making impactful changes through leadership and strategic growth. As CEO of Bailor Group, she has led numerous initiatives that have significantly influenced sectors including healthcare, technology, and professional sports. Sonya is recognized for her innovative approach to business strategy and her dedication to empowering individuals and businesses to reach new heights of success.

About Women In Technology Huntsville:
WIT Huntsville, hosted by the Invention to Innovation Center, is dedicated to empowering women through technology. The program focuses on encouraging, educating, and empowering women to excel in STEM career fields, supporting them in transforming their communities and advancing their careers.

For further information on Sonya Bailor’s initiatives and WIT // HSV’s programs, visit Bailor Group and WIT // HSV.

Sonya Bailor, 
CEO, Bailor Group
Phone: 615-801-7708