Mynaric USA Establishes Headquarters

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March 29, 2018
Mynaric USA Establishes Headquarters
Senior Leadership and Operations Based in Huntsville, Alabama

Huntsville, Ala., March 29, 2018 – Mynaric USA, a laser communications firm and subsidiary of Mynaric AG, has selected Huntsville, Alabama for its U.S. headquarters. The company’s executive leadership team will run day-to-day business out of the newly established location to support both US government and commercial customers.

Named number one by CBS News as “America’s Fastest Growing Tech City,” Huntsville’s long-established focus on the space industry offers an ideal location for Mynaric USA to launch U.S.-centric projects. The diverse mix of technology companies, universities, federal government agencies, private partnership opportunities, and talent pools with significant space-related experience put Huntsville at the top of the list for headquarters consideration.

“This area is innovative, proficient, and open to new and emerging technologies,” said Joe Fehrenbach, Mynaric USA chief executive officer. “Huntsville and Madison County has an incredible base of engineering and scientific talent, as well as a healthy ecosystem of organizations with deep capabilities and experience solving difficult problems.  We’re excited to leverage what Huntsville has to offer both for our employees and our customers.”

Founded in 2016, Mynaric USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mynaric AG specializing in laser communication solutions that allow for secure, ultra-high data rate and ultra-long distance wireless communication between moving objects for airborne and space applications.

The Huntsville office will focus on the growing US commercial and government markets and will establish its own engineering and manufacturing capabilities. As part of Mynaric, the company will be accepted in the Space Technology Hall of Fame at the 34th Space Symposium on April 19.
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About Mynaric USA
Founded in 2009, Mynaric specializes in air and space wireless laser communications. These laser communications provide secure and efficient ultra-high data rates enabling ultra-long distance communication. Applications of Mynaric technology include secure point-to-point communications between stationary and nonstationary objects, airborne mesh networks, and secure tactical communications. Mynaric customers are also using the technology to deploy communication constellations, bringing accessibility to previously underserved populations. Established in 2016, Mynaric USA brings these innovations to serve the North American market in support of commercial and government customers.

For media inquiries, contact Joe Fehrenbach at +1.256.429.9698 or

Joe Fehrenbach, President & CEO