Mynaric Inducted into Space Technology Hall of Fame

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April 19, 2018
Mynaric Inducted into Space Technology Hall of Fame

Huntsville, Ala., April 19, 2018 – Mynaric has been inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame for its work on transferring laser communication technology developed for research purposes to commercial applications. Mynaric’s miniaturized laser terminals are used to establish high-speed laser connectivity between the land, sea, aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles and satellites. This connectivity will build the data highways of the internet above the clouds to connect the estimated three billion people still without connectivity.

“We are honored and delighted to be inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame. It is acknowledgment not just of the effort of the highly-skilled team at Mynaric who design and produce our laser terminals but also recognition of the technology underpinning the products,” stated Dr. Markus Knapek, founder and member of the Management Board of Mynaric.

Companies adopting Mynaric’s laser terminals include American aerospace customers who are in the process of deploying large networks of aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles. These communications are provided by laser, which provides connectivity at much higher data rates than conventional radio communications. Mynaric’s laser communication products are key to providing the backbone connectivity for these constellations.

“Mynaric laser communication represents one of the latest in a growing number of technologies to benefit the U.S. economy and to be honored with the Space Technology Hall of Fame induction. Yet another example of the invaluable, practical benefits of space exploration,” said Space Foundation Vice-President of Marketing & Communications Kevin C. Cook.

“This award is a true honor and greatly appreciated, said Mynaric USA CEO Joe Fehrenbach. “I am proud of our international team and look forward to continuing to deliver pivotal communication solutions to the American marketplace.”

Mynaric’s induction will take place at the 34th Space Symposium award dinner in Colorado Springs in April.


About Mynaric USA
Founded in 2009, Mynaric specializes in air and space wireless laser communications. These laser communications provide secure and efficient ultra-high data rates enabling ultra-long distance communication. Applications of Mynaric technology include secure point-to-point communications between stationary and nonstationary objects, airborne mesh networks, and secure tactical communications. Mynaric customers are also using the technology to deploy communication constellations, bringing accessibility to previously underserved populations. Established in 2016, Mynaric USA brings these innovations to serve the North American market in support of commercial and government customers.

Joe Fehrenbach, President & CEO
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