Local DEI Consulting and Training Provider Partners with Twitter

Local DEI Consulting and Training Provider Partners with Twitter, Inc. After A Successful Presentation with The Society For Diversity Regarding Transcultural Organizations

MADISON, AL. - It is a fact, that today, every single workplace- regardless of the size or industry – is transcultural or must work across cultures. It is imperative that employees are equipped with the skills to effectively work and communicate across cultures. Today, Educational and Community Strategies is proud to announce it will be providing live, interactive virtual training titled "Examining cultural dimensions from around the globe to inform inclusion and belonging strategies" to Twitter, Inc.’s  global BRG leaders on November 16th.

The training will examine data from the well-known Globe Project and guide Twitter's global BRG leaders through understanding cultural dimensions and recognizing how to use cultural dimensions to inform inclusion and belonging strategies. The training is being adapted from and delivered following a successful presentation on a closely related topic at The Society for Diversity national conference in September regarding today's workforce.
"As a small, minority-owned, Madison-based business, we are delighted that Twitter, Inc. sought out our training expertise”, Co-Founder/DEI Consultant Tamisha Sales says. “Our partnership with Twitter, Inc. highlights the importance of not narrowly defining what culture and diversity is and how it influences those everyday experiences in the workplace”, says Dr. Larry Collier, Co-Founder/DEI Consultant.

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Media Contact:
Dr. Larry Collier