Educational and Community Strategies Announces Southeast Louisiana Contract

Madison, Alabama - Educational and Community Strategies is pleased to announce the award of a contract that will strengthen Southeast Louisiana Legal Services' work in its fight for fairness through providing free, civil legal aid to individuals with limited resources. The agreement includes ECS utilizing qualitative and quantitative research methods to yield a DEI plan. The future DEI plan will assist with increasing employee engagement, growth, and cultural competency to better service clients. This work is to occur over 12 months. To help launch and engage all staff in this year-long diversity initiative, Educational and Community Strategies will join Southeast Louisiana Legal Services in a virtual all-staff kick-off meeting on Friday, November 11th, 2022. Executive Director of Southeast Louisiana Legal Services, Laura Tuggle, states "We are really looking forward to working with ECS in the interest of justice!"

About Southeast Louisiana Legal Services

Based in New Orleans, Louisiana mission is to achieve justice for low-income people in Louisiana by enforcing and defending their legal rights through civil legal aid, advocacy, and community education. SLLS is the largest nonprofit civil legal services provider in Louisiana serving 50% of the poverty population in twenty-two parishes across southeast Louisiana. Pre-pandemic, Louisiana had the third highest poverty rate in the United States, the second highest rate of women killed by their intimate partner, the highest rate of mass incarceration in the world disproportionately impacting marginalized communities, was consistently noted as one of the unhealthiest states, and had the second highest rate of food insecure seniors. Louisiana has been struck by ten presidentially declared natural disasters since 2005's catastrophic Hurricane Katrina, the BP Oil Spill, and the people SLLS serves have been particularly hard-hit by the impact of COVID-19 due to economic reliance on the hospitality and oil and gas industries and Hurricane Ida.

During the COVID-19 pandemic and in the wake of Ida, SLLS has fought for the rights of vulnerable people who lost their jobs due to the pandemic, provided safeguards to domestic violence survivors, protected the livelihood of disaster victims, and assisted renters who were facing eviction. SLLS has won significant appellate cases that provide protection to thousands of vulnerable people through eviction defense and children in need of care work, and engaging in successful policy advocacy with government agencies administering housing assistance, child protection programs, and unemployment benefits. In 2021, Southeast Louisiana Legal Services casework for individual households resulted in over 30,000 people being helped through free legal aid to protect their lives, homes, and families with a direct economic impact on them through SLLS work of over $28.5 million.

Pre-pandemic, SLLS had about 100 team members on staff. Since COVID, SLLS increased its size to almost 175 employees, and seven offices; staff embedded onsite with other partners such as hospitals, medical clinics, homeless shelters, domestic violence victim service centers, community colleges, and robust pro bono partnerships.

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About Educational and Community Strategies LLC

Educational and Community Strategies help organizations to solve the challenges that diversity, equity, and inclusion present to their people, plans, and processes by translating data into actionable strategies. Recognized for their commitment to client service and a passion for prioritizing people, Educational and Community Strategies brings nearly 45 years of experience and capabilities to serve educational and mission-driven organizations. Since 2019, Educational and Community Strategies has successfully shared best practices to advance DEI with leaders from around the globe.

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Dr. Larry Collier, Co-Founder/Owner