Calhoun Removes Barriers of Entry for Individuals Interested in Attending College

Calhoun Community College is working diligently to ensure the admissions process for individuals seeking workforce training or their college degree is seamless through its Mobile Instant Admission Days event.
According to Jessica Jackson, Calhoun Recruitment Coordinator, the nation’s workforce is in shambles right now as the need for skilled workers continues to increase alongside gas prices and the cost of living. “The country is in an interesting bind as many people are forced to choose work rather than college to support themselves and keep a roof over their heads. The college is also receiving an influx of phone calls from employers who are in desperate need of skilled individuals that are qualified to fill open positions quickly,” says Jackson. “This makes college recruiting very difficult as many people tend to bypass college and training, to accept open jobs that require minimal skills,” she adds.
Realizing this trend, Calhoun decided it was not only best to meet people where they are, but to make attending college, paying for tuition, and ultimately earning an income much easier. Mobile Instant Admission Days can help in these areas. Calhoun recruiters have teamed up with the financial aid department, career services, and the National Guard to bring its services to the community via the Calhoun bus. The team will travel throughout the college’s service area to not only admit individuals to the college on-the-spot, but to also share about our associate degree programs.  Many of these programs include benefits such as paid job opportunities, certifications that will help you earn more money at your current job, as well as healthcare opportunities that include a guaranteed job with paid training. A National Guard Recruiter will also be on-hand for individuals that are interested in serving our country while earning a degree. The possibilities are endless.
The process to apply to the college has been simplified. As long as an individual has completed their high school diploma or GED, they will be instantly admitted to the college on Mobile Instant Admission Day. From there, the future students will have an opportunity to meet with a member of financial aid to complete their FAFSA and learn how much free financial assistance they qualify for. “We hear about so many people who have never completed their FAFSA, and it’s shocking as that is truly a sure way to leave free money on the table that could go towards your education,” commented Jackson. “People assume they will not qualify for funding due to many different preconceived ideas in regards to income or what they’ve possibly been told by others in the past. That couldn’t be any further from the truth. It’s best to apply as many people have been quite surprised when told they qualified for financial assistance,” Jackson added. Individuals can also meet with an advisor and get registered for classes.
The next Mobile Instant Admission Day will be as follows:
Thursday, June 16, 2022

  • Kroger Shopping Center, 2110 Oakwood Ave., Huntsville, AL from 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
  • Madison Public Library, 142 Plaza Blvd, Madison, AL from 12:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
To complete the process, please bring a current photo ID as well as your 2020 tax forms if you are interested in receiving financial aid. An Air National Guard recruiter will also be available to discuss career opportunities for those who are interested in serving our country.
To learn more about additional on-campus instant admission day options, visit For more questions, please contact Jessica Jackson at 256-306-2490 or