Calhoun named a Semi-Finalist in the Regional Project MFG Regional Integrated Manufacturing Competition

Calhoun Community College is excited to announce its been named among sixteen other higher education institutions to compete during the 2023 Project MFG Regional Integrated Advanced Manufacturing Competition.

"I can't begin to explain how milestones such as these are testaments to the advanced curriculum our technologies programs continue to produce," commented Tad Montgomery, Calhoun Technologies Instructor. "Our students continuously go the extra mile in learning all the vital components of their programs and use those skills to compete among the best of the best in these types of competitions. We use these platforms to get better as well as to improve our classroom learning as well," added Montgomery. 

With the process of elimination, the final four teams will advance to compete in Project MFG’s National Integrated Advanced Manufacturing Competition. Teams are challenged with real-world scenarios and pressure-tested to showcase the critical skills needed to succeed in modern advanced manufacturing.

Project MFG’s competitions aim to change the perception of the skilled trades and showcase successful careers in the industry. The American Manufacturing Industry is facing a skills gap, potentially leaving more than 2 million positions unfilled if more young people do not enter the skilled trades. The manufacturing industry touches many aspects of our daily lives - transportation, medical, technology, and defense are just a few.

Each year the competition becomes more competitive during the regional round as the next generation of skilled trades professionals is able to show off their advanced educational training. This year’s teams include the following colleges and universities: WSU Tech, Fresno City College, MN State College Southeast, Suncoast Technical College, Yuba College, Southwestern Illinois College, Ozarks Technical Community College, Streamwood High School, Lowell High School, Vincennes University, Calhoun Community College, Gadsden State Community College, Central Alabama Community College, Pickens High School, TCAT at McKenzie, and Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology. Follow along over the next few weeks to see these teams compete.

To see more about Project MFG and its competitions, you can follow them on YouTube, showcasing some of their previous competitions and the reality series Clash of Trades.

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