Calhoun and UAH Collaborate to Create a Five-Year Honors Program Pathway for Students

Calhoun Community College and The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that streamlines the transfer of Honors Program students between the two schools.
As per the agreement, which began this spring, students from the Honors Program at Calhoun seeking admission to the Honors College at UAH should follow the standard admissions procedures for transfer students. They must first be admitted to UAH as a transfer student and then apply to the Honors College at UAH as a transfer applicant. If the student is in good standing in the Honors Program at Calhoun and follows this admission process, they will be granted automatic admission to the Honors
College at UAH.
“This is a great milestone not only for both colleges but also for the students who are enrolled in our prestigious Honors Program,” commented Dr. Joe Burke, Calhoun Interim President. “A lot of work was placed into getting these agreements written and executed, and we are grateful for the hard work and collaborative efforts from members of both institutions,” added Burke.
All students who have been admitted to the Honors College at UAH from the Honors Program at Calhoun must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.25. Also per the agreement, students may transfer up to 15 hours of honors credit, which will count as honors credit towards the UAH Honors Diploma. The Honors College staff at UAH ensures those hours are credited to the student’s transcript. To earn the Honors Diploma at UAH, students must complete the remaining requirements for the Honors Diploma as they stand at the time of admission to UAH Honors, including any upper-division requirements and the Honors Capstone.
“The Calhoun Honors Program team is excited for the opportunity to partner with the UAH Honors Program,” commented Dr. Alan Stephenson, Vice President of Academics. “We have the utmost confidence that this pathway will assist to increase the number of our students who transfer to UAH,” added Stephenson.
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