Raise Your Own Bar LLC

Raise Your Own Bar LLC


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About Us

Raise Your Own Bar is a philosophy, a mantra, and a guiding set of principles for use on a journey of self-development. On an individual level, we focus on self awareness, accountability, and confidence building. On a corporate level, we focus on culture, communication, and relationship management.

We Offer Tailored Solutions to Fit Your Needs

We focus on effective communication, continuous improvement and conflict resolution to help individuals and companies improve their outcomes, relationships, and futures. All it takes is the right mix of confidence, dedication, and perseverance.


  • Training, Consulting, and Executive Coaching
  • Services for individuals that want to raise their own bars
  • Certified Facilitator for Core Strength's Results Through Relationships SDI 2.0
  • Services for businesses and agencies that want to transform their organization
  • Mastermind Groups for Women's Empowerment and Neurodiversity


Raise Your Own Bar Founder and CEO, Tammara Buckey
Course offering: Navigating the Transformation from PMO to VMO - 90 min
Course offering: Success-Minded - Decide Then Do - 60 min
Our Company Mission, Vision, and Goals
Course offering: Integrated Master Scheduling with MS Project - 60 min
Course offering: Agile Project Management at Home and Work - 60 min
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Course Offering: Hidden Strengths - The Power of Neurodiversity - 60 min
Course Offering - Comedy As A Business - 60 min
Course Offering - Evolving in Real Time - 60 min
Course Offering - Neurolinguistic Programming - 90 min
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