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Mynaric USA and The Ohio State University Partner for High-speed Communications Research

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July 17, 2018
Mynaric USA and The Ohio State University Partner for High-speed Communications Research

Huntsville, Ala., July 17, 2018 – Mynaric USA and The Ohio State University College of Engineering entered into a long-term, collaborative research agreement today at the world-renowned Farnborough Air Show. The research agreement is focused on emerging communications technologies, as well as advancing current high-speed laser-based communications.

A world leader in high-speed communications with free space optics, Mynaric USA will look to leverage Ohio State’s impressive research capabilities and talent to improve and refine its technology. Likewise, the collaboration will expose engineering students and faculty to advanced laser communications, as well as Mynaric’s industry-leading products and expertise.

“This is an exciting opportunity for both parties and we’re eager to begin work with Ohio State Engineering,” said Joseph Fehrenbach, Mynaric USA CEO. “We very much look forward to collaborative research that advances high-speed communications technology and accelerates its adoption across both industry and government.”

“Ohio State’s unique blend of assets is well-suited to serve high-tech growth industries across the globe,” noted College of Engineering Dean David B. Williams. “The opportunity to engage in cutting-edge research with Mynaric USA will ensure that our students help build the future of high-bandwidth communications across multiple domains and industries.”

The first cooperative research effort will focus on systems-level flight research and testing using Mynaric’s air-to-ground laser communication terminals. A team of experts from Ohio State will provide aircraft, airport infrastructure, hardware integration and data collection and analysis.

Mynaric’s optical laser technology provides ultra-high data rates, power efficiency and highly secure communication across vast distances. Find out more at www.mynaric.com.


About Mynaric USA
Founded in 2009, Mynaric specializes in air and space wireless laser communications. These laser communications provide secure and efficient ultra-high data rates enabling ultra-long distance communication. Applications of Mynaric technology include secure point-to-point communications between stationary and nonstationary objects, airborne mesh networks, and secure tactical communications. Mynaric customers are also using the technology to deploy communication constellations, bringing accessibility to previously underserved populations. Established in 2016, Mynaric USA brings these innovations to serve the North American market in support of commercial and government customers.

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