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High Definition for Your Eyes

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April 02, 2015

By now most people have experienced the enhanced quality of a high-definition
TV with its brighter colors and sharper images. What if you could have this same experience when you
view the world through your eyeglasses? Now you can.

New “free form” technology is a revolutionary digital manufacturing process that uses
computer-related design and surfacing to create high level, customized eyeglass lenses. And, it is now available in both single vision and progressive lens.

To create a “free form” lens, computer guided, high- tech equipment is used to surface the lens,
allowing for greater precision over the entire surface of the lens. As a result, the lens prescription that
is normally found only in the center of the lens is now surfaced on the very outer edges of the lens
as well. This results in improved peripheral vision, sharper definition, less eye fatigue and more overall
vision satisfaction, especially for our patients with astigmatism and strong prescriptions.
Colors will be brighter and more intense as well.

The “digital” surfacing process is six times more accurate than conventional lens processing. When progressive lenses are fabricated using the digital process, the result is a 20% wider progressive field of view. As a result, reading and computer vision is much less a challenge as you seek just the right focal position. Another benefit of these new lenses is a reduction of glare and halo effects cause by car headlights at night.

We are confident that everyone can benefit from these customized lenses. We will
be happy to answer any questions you may have about the benefits of “digital” lenses. Please drop
by our optical anytime…and while you’re here, remember that we’re always happy to adjust your
frames for you!

Dr. Ken Winton

EyeCare Associates Inc.

Optical Dept., Optometrist
(256) 883-9082